Sasha Czack – first wife of Sylvester Stallone, Kids, Net worth

June 29, 2018

Sasha Czack is an actor, director, and photographer, who is mostly known as the first wife of Sylvester Stallone. Take your time to grab a bowl of popcorn or coffee as you are about to know everything about Sasha, from her birth to career, from her marriage to death of her son.

Sasha Czack Bio and Education

Sasha Czack (actual: Alexandra Jane Czack)was born on July 17, 1960, in Chester, Pennsylvania, United States. Her parents were Americans, however, details about them are not available. Sasha holds American nationality and her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Sasha went to a college in Chester and later shifted to St. John’s Senior High School for advanced schooling. She graduated from the University of Norte Dame du Lac, the United States with a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies.

Sasha Czack height, Figure

Sasha has an average height of 5 feet and her body is built slim. She is a blonde with her eyes brown-dark.

Sasha Czack Marriage, Son, Divorce

Sasha Czack is mostly known for marrying the Hollywood action hero, Sylvester Stallone. Sasha and Sylvester got married on December 28, 1974. Her wedding attracted a huge media attention. That she was getting married to a famous Hollywood star is part of the reason. After their marriage, the couple got settled in California.

Sasha and Sylvester.
Sasha and Sylvester.

Sasha first gave birth to a son on May 5, 1976, that is almost after one and a half year of her marriage to Sylvester. Her first son was named Sage Moonblood Stallone. Her second was born in 1979  almost three years since her first birth and he was named as Seargeoh Stallone.

But after three years of Seargeoh’s birth, he was diagnosed with autism. The news caused unexpected grief to Sasha and her husband, and they endeavored to support their child as he underwent many therapies to try and correct the situation. Her son’s condition saw Sasha take a break from her career as she became involved with an Autistic foundation.

Sasha wiith her former husband and two sons.
Sasha with her former husband and two sons.

Sasha and Sylvester decided to end their 11-year marriage on February 14, 1985. The news of their separation was shocking to the media and public as they seemed happy couple raising their two sons. After divorcing her, Sylvester Stallone married Brigitte Nielson in 1985. But, their marriage also could not go for a long time, they divorced in 1987. He then married Jennifer Falavin in 1997. Since then, he has been happily married to her.

Sasha Czack also married to Rick Ash in 1997. However, the couple could not go further in their married life and divorced in 1999.

And sadly, on July 13, 2012, Sasha lost her eldest son, Sage Moonblood, who was found lying dead in-house by a housekeeper.

Sasha Stallone Career

Sasha began her carer in the acting field when she was featured in 1951 American soap opera Love of Life created by Ray Winsor, which aired on September 24, 1951, ending on February 1, 1980, on CBS network. That particular role proved to be lucky for her as it gave her the opportunity to be selected by Frank Perry for the lead role of Play As It Lays in 1972. But back then her fiance, Sylvester Stallone demanded not to leave New York because he needed her help in typing screenplays.

Sasha is also a talented photographer who was a lead photographer in Rocky, a 1976 American sports drama film by her then-husband, Sylvester Stallone. The whole movie won three Academy Awards (Oscar).

Sasha remained silent about her career when she married Sylvester as she was busy handling her marriage and two sons. But Sasha once again picked up her career in 1996 when she wrote and directed the short film ‘Long Lost Love’ and in 2006 when she starred as Lily in the American short film drama ‘Vic’ directed by her first son, Sage Moonblood and released on January 1, 2006. That movie saw Sage make his debut in movie directing. She also picks up her camera after years for her son’s film where she worked as a still photographer.

Sasha Czack is now retired and has focused on taking care of her son and other endeavors in her life. She is an activist and is a member of the Autism Foundation where she is helping people who are suffering from this condition. Her contributions to the field of acting and photography have not been forgotten and it is hoped that she returns back to the industry real soon.

Sasha Czack Net worth

Sasha has accumulated herself $10 million as her net worth from her career as an actor, director, and photographer. Apart from her own effort, her net worth is also because of her divorce from Sylvestor, whose worth was over $250 million at the time of their divorce. As a result, the divorce, shocked the world in terms of record divorce settlement as it resulted in a payout of $12 million to Sasha, the highest on record of divorce payouts at that time.

Facts about Sasha Czack

Some of the facts about Sasha Czack are:

  • Sasha is a Roman Catholic.
  • Her nicknames are Sasha and Stitch.
  • Sasha has no involvement in social media.
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