Samantha Lewes | First wife of Tom Hanks | Cause of Death and Bio

May 25, 2018

Susan Jane Dillingham Known as Samantha Lewis is a famous former actress of Hollywood. Samantha was highly popular in the 80s. Samantha’s performance in the movies, Mr.Success and Bosom Buddies is remembered even now.


Samantha is the first wife of an American actor and filmmaker, Tom Hanks.  He is known for his comic and dramatic role.

Samantha Lewes Birth and Death

Samantha Lewes was born on November 29, 1952, in San Diego, California. She is no more with us, she died at the age of 50 on March 12, 2002, in Sacramento.

How did Samantha Lewes die?

After the divorce, Samantha was diagnosed with bone cancer. The news devasted the whole family, mainly Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks tried his best to save Samantha. He paid all the medical expenses. In fact, he hired some of the best doctors in the world but could not succeed. Cancer affected her brain and lungs and there was nothing more they could do but see her die.

Samantha Lewes Grave
Samantha Lewes Grave

Samantha Lewes and Tom Hanks: Marriage and Divorce

It is said that before marriage Samantha Lewes and Tom Hanks were school friends. Both of them were acting students at Sacramento State University. Their friendship didn’t take too long to change them into sweethearts.

Samantha and Tom tied the knot in 1978. At the moment, Tom was 23 and Samanta was 27. They were regarded as a perfect couple of their time.

Everything was going well but however, the couple started living separately since 1984 and divorced in 1987. It is believed misunderstanding and complications led them to separation. However, the reason was kept secret for a long time until one fine day Tom revealed it. According to Tom, loneliness played a prominent role in getting married at a very young age, and it was too early to take such responsibilities.

I was too young and insecure. I was 23 and my son Colin was already two when I married for the first time.”

He added,

I was looking for something I had not found as a kid, and a broken marriage meant I was sentencing my own kids to the sort of feelings I had at their age.”

Tom himself was a child of divorced parents and felt guilty for his children seeing them go through the same circumstances as he did.

Samantha Lewes and Tom Hanks’s Children

The lovely couple welcomed their first son Colin Hanks in 1977. After four and half years later, Samantha gave birth to a lovely baby girl, Elizabeth Hanks in 1982.

Colin Lewes Hanks is also an American actor and documentary filmmaker like his dad. He has played a role in movies like Preston in King Kong, Orange County, Troy Gable in The Great Buck Howard and Oliver in The House Bunny.

And Elizabeth Hanks is a successful writer and editor. She was seen as a child artist in a movie but as she grew up, she had her own plans.

Samantha Lewes Charged Tom Hanks for Harassment

Tom Hanks has opened up about his first married life. He cheated Samantha and had an affair with Rita Wilson while they were co-actors.

After getting divorced from Samantha, Tom Hanks got married to Rita Wilson in 1988. But, Samantha decided not to marry again and took care of her children.

After marrying Rita Wilson, the shocking news buzzed and created an impression that Tom Hanks harassed and tried killing his ex-wife. Samantha Lewes filed a court case asking for a restraining order against Tom.

She also adds,

“My husband has repeatedly verbally abused and humiliated me during the past 90 days in my home. This caused me to suffer great emotional distress.”



  1. Your photo with the Blond women above is Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah. You should correct this error as it is not Samantha Lewes.

  2. Tom Hanks is not friendly to his fans. If you’re dining in the same place don’t dare ask for his autograph; he will bite your head off, not the $1,000 dinner on his plate. How dare his hometown fans want to have his autograph!

    1. How dare people interrupt him while he’s dining!
      That is just rude. If you want an autograph that badly wait until he’s done or any actor is done. That’s just as bad as the person who was trying to force an actor to take a selfie with him.

    2. I’m shocked about this, then again I can’t imagine trying to go or do anything and not being able to just enjoy it, instead of constantly being asked that!

  3. I understand that actors and actress don’t like to be intrupted when out eating but I also think that they also don’t have to be rude to the fans that pay money to come see their movies and shows that help make the stars that they are. I understand some fans can be a bit much but not all of them. I have heard and read that Tom Hanks was unfriendly to fans.

    1. why dont you step back an remember all the amazing memories he has made us all Forest Gump is a gift from Toms acting as sleepless in Seattle etc a dinner out is not the place to ask for a autograph honestly I feel it is a sign of your own non existing self worth Tom is a amazing actor who happens to be a human who deserve privacy and instead a autograph perhaps a kind word of Thank you for the great movies ! And be on your way .

  4. Just because you paid to watch a movie does not mean you are entitled to disturb an actor during a meal, or interrupting them while talking with someone. It’s annoying, and rude. Everybody don’t reward ignorance.

  5. Please, he made movies and entertained us, we paid him for that so the deal is done. He doesn’t really “owe” us anything. He’s a great actor and I’ll continue to see his movies because I’m a fan.

  6. An etiquette book is required HERE..for the fan interrupting his dinner..Iam a Bay Area person..from Toms neck of the woods..seen him in his first play at college…He is a fine actor of his craft..let him have his privacy..He is a remarkable man thru all his tribulations..and faults..Love Lady Windsor

  7. Honestly although wouldn’t say Tom Hanks is my least favorite actors. I also wouldn’t say he is one of my favorite actors. He’s okay, but honestly I would rather have denzel washington, chris pratt, or the hemsworth brothers (especially the one that plays thor.) And the fact that he cheated on his first wife (which i didn’t know beforehand) leaves me less liking him. ..It’s great that him and his 2nd wife have 30 plus years, but honestly it sounds like he was a real dbag beforehand…

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