Ricegum Net Worth 2018 – Sister, Real Name, Height And Merch

June 15, 2018
Ricegum Net Worth 2018

Bryan Le is known as Ricegum is a famous YouTuber and Video Blogger. Ricegum is well known for his video titled “These kids Must Be Stopped!” in 2015, featured Jacob Sartorius and Loren Beech. The video quickly viral on social media and brought him a considerable amount of attention on the internet.

Ricegum Girlfriend
Ricegum Girlfriend

Ricegum Net Worth in 2018

21, Ricegum earned an attractive amount of money through videos.

As of 2018, Ricegum estimated net worth of $2.5 million, and he made money per month from $15.2k to 243.7k.

In 2017 his net worth was $1.5 million and $750,000 in 2016.

He also sells merchandise online such as T-shirts to make additional money. T-shirts prices are from $25 to $45 per t-shirt through his YouTube Channel.

Ricegum move to huge mansion in LA from his hometown. The house is located in Hollywood Hills in Los Angles. In that mansion, he doesn’t live alone. He lives with his roommates include FaZe Banks, Alissa Violet, and Sommer Ray. The home cover 12,500 sq ft with ten bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and enough space in the hall. The rent of home is estimated around $50,000.

Besides, he drives Range Rover Evoque car.

Bio of RiceGum

Bryan Le was born on 19 November 1996 at Las Vegas. Currently, he is 21 years old and resides in LA, California with his friends. He has a younger brother and sister and his parents aren’t from the USA. His mother is from Chinese descent and father from Vietnamese.

Family of RiceGum

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Rice named his little sister, Rice Jr.

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I named her Rice Jr.

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He attended Sierra Vista High School in Las Vegas. He joined the University of Las Vegas on 23 August 2015, but later he dropped out on 15 January 2016 to pursued his dreams of becoming a famous YouTuber.

Career of RiceGum

Rice began his career in 2012 made an account on social media of his name and started uploading the videos when he was sixteen. He first uploaded a 9-minute gaming video, Call of Duty: Moder Warfare 3, but the video didn’t get the popularity.

In 2015 everything changed, he made a video, ‘These Kids Must Be Stopped’ and gained the attention which has over 14 million views on his YouTube. After that, he eventually started making videos on diss tracks. His most popular video is “I mailed in a box and it worked” had over 24 million views and “I Didn’t Hit Her.” He also uploaded an official music video “It’s Evernight Sis” featured Alissa Violet.

In 2016, he was back with another YouTube Channel “RiceGumExtra” and has 1.4 million subscribers. Moreover, He has 5.1 million fans followers on Instagram and over 3 million on Twitter. He is also online on Facebook, SoundCloud and Google Plus.

Ricegum Girlfriend

RiceGum relationship status is single. There are no rumors of dating with any girls right now. Like he is looking for a perfect girl for him. He stands of 6 feet 2 inches and looks like Asian.

He posted on Instagram saying he texted her but left her message on the color of his shirt.

Here the pictures with hot Instagram model Sommer that he uploaded on his Instagram.

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With bae / @sommerray

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