Mountain Men’s Preston Roberts Cause of Death, Net Worth, Wife & Bio

October 04, 2018
Preston Roberts

Preston Roberts was a reality television star who came to limelight after appearing on History channel’s show “Mountain Men” in 2012. Preston Roberts was a best friend of Mountain Men’s Eustace Conway. The television personality died on July 24, 2017, at 3:30 pm due to complication from an inoperable tumor on his liver.

Preston Roberts
Preston Roberts

What Happen to Mountain Men’s Cast Preston Roberts? How Did He Die?

Mountain Men’s cast member Preston Roberts left his fans of the show stunned. HHe passed away earlier this year. Preston Roberts died at 3:30 pm on Monday 24 July 2017 not long after being diagnosed with cancer.

A tumor was found in his liver not long before his death that found to be inoperable. It caused a lot of complication in his body by preventing blood flow and oxygen. He died after three weeks; he was diagnosed. Preston closed his eyes in the arms of his beloved wife Kathleen in the presence of his family. Mountain men laid to rest an emotional celebration of life the weekend after he passed away.

Preston Roberts’s Career

Preston Roberts studied at Atlantic Christian College and later he went to Appalachian State University where he graduated with a degree in Art Education. Before he was cast in the reality series, Preston taught for 25 years in Wikes County School. He even got elected twice for the Teacher of the Year by his peers. At the time, he had worked as an instructor in numerous cultural events all over the United States.

After that, he appeared on the reality television show ‘Mountain Men’ on History channel which premiered on 31 May 2012. The show is still running on the History Channel.  The show is about the daily life of performing different tasks and preparing food for the coming winter. He worked at Turtle Island, also made knives from a circular sawmill blade, hunt, and fish from time-to-time.

Preston Roberts’s Net Worth and Salary

Preston Roberts’s estimated net worth was $2.5 million, according to 2017.

Preston was a jack of all trades. He earned a good amount of money from various sources. As an artist, Preston made beautiful handmade knives of 4-5 inches which he charged each knife $250. His Knife-making skill was highlighted on the episode of 10 Season 5 of Mountain Men entitled ‘Concussion.’ His earlier life, he worked as a woodsman and as an environmentalist in Turtle Island Preserve.

Even after his death, a fundraiser had to be done to support his wife and family. Fortunately, people contributed astoundingly and surpassed the expected figure to a whopping $110,000.

Preston Roberts’s Wife, Kathleen DuPont McGuire

In 1975, Preston Roberts met his dream woman and without wasting his time he married to Kathleen DuPont McGuire. Roberts loved his wife so much. While many people use the adage, “Behind every good man is a good woman,” but he changed the saying and said, “Beside every good man is a good woman” and that she is.

Roberts and Kathleen had three sons and raised together their children. Back in 2015, Preston and his wife celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. The couple spent live together for42 years, but in 2017, Preston left his wife and children behind.

Preston Roberts’s Relationship With Eustace Conway

Preston Roberts and Eustace Conway were the best friend and had known each other for 35 years. Preston met Conway in 1982 while they were finishing up their formal education and became a good friends. They together had ridden horses across North and South Carolina, also sometimes his son, Joseph joined them. Eustace is the subject of Liz Gilbert’s book ‘The Last American Man.’ Preston also helped Conway on his work.

Preston Roberts and Eustace Conway
Preston Roberts and Eustace Conway

Mountain Men’s Eustace Conway had penned an emotional tribute to his co-star and best friend Preston Roberts and thanked his friends and fans for helping raise a large sum to support his family.

Eustace stated in his post on Facebook:

“Thank you to everyone expressing support as I try to survive losing my best friend of 35 years. Preston’s constant, loyal support and inspiration was the best thing I ever had in my life. His kindness and humble talent were unsurpassed.”

Short Bio

Preston Roberts was born on 17 July 1957, and he died at the age of 60 on Monday, 24 July 2017. Preston was born and raised in Brevard, North Carolina and later he moved to Wilkes County.



  1. How sad that Preston left this earth too early. I’ll truly miss his inspiration & common sense on “Mountain Men”. I’m sure his absence has left a big hole in many hearts. RIP sir.

    1. Wow I just found out that mr. Preston passed away I love mountain men and I especially love Preston’s friend May the angels in heaven shine down on his head and I hope his friend will continue on in honor of his name

    2. It is only the good people in this life that get taken away form us long before their due date, it is a shame that a good down to Earth good wholesome man has departed our lives, I am 70 yrs of age and down under here in New Zealand, and I just love this old time basic turn of the century series, where a life is so hard earned it is brilliant, I am so saddened that a true Blue friend has departed Eustace’s life as a true friend like that is so hard to find and of course his wife and Children, rest in peace Preston you were a joy to watch.
      Alan Simpson.

  2. Just became aware of Mountain Men. Almost done with Season 6. So saddened by the loss of Preston. Could tell by his demeanor what a humble, knowledgeable and great man he was. For me his loss is a tragedy. These men have lived the dream I’ve dreamed which life has killed as the song from Les Mis. goes. God Bless You All!

  3. Just started watching mountain men about one year ago
    Love the characters in the show.
    Farewell to Preston.
    He came over as being a nice person.
    Be at peace.

  4. How can you all be asking for a Go Fund Account when Mr. Preston’s net worth was 2.5 millon.
    Does that make sense?

    1. That’s what I was wondering. I loved Preston, been watching Mountain Men, off & on for yrs. But, for some reason, just now found out he had passed. So sad.????

    2. Well, millions of people really enjoyed their show.Preston and Eustace brought happiness and enjoyment to the viewers over the years.To share and show their gratitude ,the fund was set up.I do not think a law was broken in collecting money.
      The last time I checked the United States is still a free country.

  5. To me, and I feel sure to Eustace and the family, Preston was a priceless man. A man of gentleness, great character, honesty, loyal to family, friends, God, and the earth. The question some have posed about a “Go Fund Me” account usually is to satisfy tax issues and lawyer issues a family faces at the time like this in order to even settle an estate in the first place. And, also I think, what right do we have to ask that question? Let us all be as forgiving and trusting as Preston was of others and the world will truly be a better place. Eustace, my heart breaks for the loss of your friend. May you cherish his memories until you join him in a better workshop later on.
    A devoted fan, MRA, Colorado

  6. You will be missed Preston Roberts loved watching you on my favorite tv series and I hope to see your son

    1. So very sorry to hear of Preston’s passing. I enjoyed his way of life, reflected in the show. Never a cross word, just simply a good man
      May his family be wrapped in the arms of our Lord, for comfort, peace and love.
      May Preston R. I. P.

  7. My brother died suddenly of cancer. He also was “worth ” a few million dollars. Lawyers, taxes ,loans,etc. will eat through your ‘estate’ faster than a hungry termite through a rotten log. Don’t judge if you don’t know the facts.

  8. I just learned of Preston Roberts passing and I am very sad. I really liked him!
    Eustace, please accept my deep, sincere condolences in the passing of your great friend and partner! He was a true gentleman.

  9. So sorry on prestons death I love watching mountain men eustace keep up the good work god rest Preston from susan shaw England Suffolk

  10. Sorry to hear of Preston’s death. Didn’t know until tonight 1-12-20 when I started researching each person on mountain men. I really liked the old ways of doing things that have been lost in time. Will miss him much.

  11. recently started watching “seule en Alaska” in France. Love both Eustace and Preston ways of going about their jobs.Imagine my shock when I read that Preston had left all of us! What a disaster. I know it’s late but I still want to send my heartfelt sympathy to Eustace and the Preston family

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