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May 02, 2020

Read about Piper Perri, her early days, her net worth, and her amazing career as one of today’s popular adult film actresses. 

Quick Facts

Full Name Piper Perri
Real Name Julienne Frederico
Birthdate JUNE 5, 1995
Current Age 25 years old
Horoscope Gemini
Birth Place Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Current Residence United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education She went to McCallum Fine Arts Academy in Texas.
Height 4’ 10 1/2” or 148.59 cm
Eye Color Brown
Marital Status Single
Relationship Status Single
Is Piper Perri Gay? Piper has mentioned having sexual encounters with girls even at a young age. We’d say that Piper is at least bisexual.
Profession Pornographic Actress
Net Worth Approximately US$100, 000 to 400, 000
Social Media Presence Instagram and Twitter
Instagram Page https://www.instagram.com/?hl=en
Facebook Page: She has no Facebook page
Twitter Page:  https://twitter.com/perripiper?
Films he has been in: Violation of Piper Perri (2016), Blackzilla Rises 2 (2016) to name a few
Music  She has not released any music
Parents Not verified
Siblings Not verified

Who is Piper Perri?

Piper Perri is a model and pornographic actress from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She is one of the most popular adult film actresses in the industry today. She started her career at the age of 19 and has starred in over 300 movies. In 2017, she was nominated for two AVN awards, one of them being “Best Actress Revelation”. She decided to retire at the end of 2019 at the age of 24. 

Piper Perri’s Early Life

Piper Perri was born as Julienne Frederico on the 5th of June 1995. She was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Piper was an A+ student. Her mother was a dancer. When she was young, her family moved a lot. She lived in Florida, Hawaii, Texas, Arizona, New Orleans, and Maryland. 

She describes herself as a nerdy girl who is very quiet, bookworm-ish, self-conscious, and shy. But she says that she is also a little bit rebellious. When she was in 6th grade, she “experimented” with a girl. She said, “It was a friend of mine…We played doctor or I was mommy and she was daddy. I remember one girl told her mom and we couldn’t play together anymore. I said, ‘Why did you tell your mom? Don’t you know how to lie?’ I was so upset!”

When did Piper Perri lose her virginity? 

Piper Perri lost her virginity at the age of 13. She said “One day, I was at a Skate Center with some friends. We decided to leave from there and go to a party. Some dude was turning 18 or something like that. I lied and said I was 16. I met this guy and got his number. We flirted a bit and two weeks later, he invited me to come over. My best friend was encouraging me to lose my V card and join the club. I wanted to be bad so bad. I wanted to fit in and be able to hang. I went over and he put on the Exorcist. This was about 9pm. I remember the movie and the time and we had sex. After that, we did it 6 more times.”

How did Piper Perri start in the adult film industry? 

Piper Perri started working in an industry when she was 19 years old after she got out of a bad relationship. She had received several advances and offers from guys on her OK Cupid account. One day, she met a girl named Lana Landry, whom she flirted with, and told her that she had the perfect body and face for adult films and magazines. Lana worked for an agency and had done videos herself. Piper sent the agency a few photos and the next day was invited for an interview in Miami. A few days later, she shot her first video, a fetish scene, which she describes as “a lot of fun”.  

Piper Perri Career

To date, Piper has made over 300 adult movies within her career span of 6 years. She has starred in popular films such as Violation of Orgy is the New Black (2015), Piper Perri (2016), and Blackzilla Rises 2 (2016). 

She was frequently featured on the lists of the most popular adult movie actresses. She also received two nominations for AVN awards three years ago, in the category “Best Actress Revelation”. She decided to end her career at the end of 2019.

Piper Perri Meme

Piper Perri recently became the subject of a meme that has made the rounds on several social media platforms and is parodied countless times. The “Piper Perri Surrounded” refers to a series of object labeled and photoshopped image macros of Piper sitting on a couch with five black men standing behind her. The image is from Piper’s 2015 film Orgy is the New Black which is a parody of the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. The image is labeled to express willful ignorance to an overwhelming series of problems. 

The meme first appeared on January 29th, 2016, when an anonymous 9GAG user posted an object-labeled image from the video of Perri sitting in front of the five men. The image entitled “My financial situation in a nutshell” shows the five men with the labels “Student Loan,” “Business Life,” “Bills,” “Rent” and “Bank Account.” Perri is labeled “Me.” The post received more than 35,000 points and 1,300 comments in two years.

Piper Perri’s son

In 2016, Piper Perri’s two-year-old son, Hayden, died at the hands of Perri’s boyfriend, Seth Ridell. Perri was out of town, working, and Hayden was left in the care of her boyfriend, Seth Redell. Perri got news that Hayden was admitted to the hospital from a staircase accident. But doctors found the cause of death to be consistent “shaken baby syndrome”. Redell was charged with second-degree cruelty to a child and later second-degree murder. 

Perri set up a GoFundMe page seeking help with emergency medical and funeral expenses. She also decided to donate Hayden’s organs to save other children’s lives in the hopes that her child dies a hero. 

How tall is Piper Perri? 

Piper stands 4’ 10 1/2” tall. That is 148.59 in centimeters. 

How much does Piper Perri weigh? 

When Piper was active in the porn industry, she weighed 90 pounds or 41 kilograms. 

Is Piper Perri pregnant? 

After a thorough digging, it would seem that Julienne Frederico has chosen to live a quiet life, happily married, and has given birth to a second child. 

What is Piper Perri’s Net worth? How does she make money? 

According to The Independent, adult film performers earn up to US$ 6000 per scene. We’d say that Piper Perri’s net worth as of 2020 is around between $100k and $400,000. Her two primary sources of income are doing adult films and modeling.

Estimated Net Worth in 2020 Approximately US$100, 000 to 400, 000
How much did Piper Perri earn last year (2019)? Approximately US$100, 000 to 400, 000
What are Piper Perri’s income sources? Adult films
How much does Piper Perri earn from her films? US$ 6000 per scene
How much does Piper Perri earn from royalties/residuals? Unfortunately, adult film actors do not earn royalties or residuals from their movies

Piper Perri’s house, assets, and lifestyle

When Perri was active in the adult film industry, she travelled a lot. But like so many retired porn actors, Piper chose to live a very private life so not many details about her lifestyle and her assets are out in the open. What seemed to be Julienne Frederico’s real Facebook shows that she has settled in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

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