Mirtha Jung Biography: Her Cocaine Addiction and Husband George Jung

May 10, 2018
George jung and Mirtha Jung got divorced

Mirtha Calderon popularly recognized as Mirtha Jung is the ex-wife of George Jung and mother of Kristina Sunshine Jung. She was part of Medellin Cartel alongside her husband which was responsible for 85% of drugs smuggling in the United States during 70’s and ’80s.

In the movie “Blow” based on the real life of George Jung, she portrayed by Spanish actress and, model Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp.

Let’s dig more about the most notorious drug lord wife Mirth Jung and their family.

Mirtha Jung, Wife Of George Jung
Mirtha Jung, Wife Of George Jung

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How Did Mirtha And George Meet?

Mirtha is a reliable and independent woman of Cuban descent. Mirtha has Colombian roots. However, George was involved in drug trafficking with the Medellin Cartel where George met Mirtha for the first time.

Mirtha Jung And George Jung
Mirtha Jung And George Jung

They first met in the late ’70s; she was 24 and George was about ten years her senior. It didn’t take long for them for their marriage.

The pair exchanged vows in 1977, sadly, their marriage lasted for seven years, and they separated in 1984.

George jung and Mirtha Jung got divorced
George Jung And Mirtha Jung

Why Did Mirtha Jung Divorce George?

Mirtha loved George dearly, but their relationship soured a few years after their marriage. Mirtha became George’s wife during his time as a Medellin, cartel smuggler.

She was part of the drug trafficking group alongside her husband. Despite having a baby daughter in her first year of marriage, she couldn’t change her lifestyle.

George was in prison for his illegal drug dealing activities that became the reason for their divorce. Mirtha was an equal partner to George in the drugs smuggling business.

Both, Mirtha and George were behind bars a couple of time for involving themselves in drugs.

Later, George marries Ronda Clay Spinello Jung, and the duo has a daughter named Clara.


Daughter Of Mirtha And George

Mirtha Jung and George Jung welcomed their first baby girl named Kristina Sunshine Jung. She was born on 1st August 1978, which brought a ray of happiness to the family.


Kristina is also famous as a daughter of George Jung ” The Drug Lord.” Apart from that, she is also a well-known writer and a poet. She has also declared that she is working on her mother’s biography.

Kristina Sunshine Jung
Kristina Sunshine Jung

We can say she didn’t have a normal childhood as she lived separated from her father. She didn’t get a chance to know him or love him. Her parents got divorced at the time she was just three years old.

In 1981, Mirtha Jung left consuming and drug dealing for the sake of her daughter, Kristina Sunshine and took care of her. Kristina grew up with her grandparents, Fredrick Jung, and Ermine Jung.

Biopic Of George Jung And Mirtha Jung

Mirth Jung was portrayed by a Spanish actress and model, Penelope Cruz while Jonny Depp portrayed George Jung in “Blow which was directed by Ted Damme in 2001.

The movie is about the real life of Geroge Jung. The release of the film made her more famous as the wife of George Jung.

In the movie, they show Mirtha as a strong and independent woman. Mirtha becomes George’s drug cartel partner; the beautiful and passionate Colombian (as the movie she is Colombian, not Cuban). 

Her addiction to cocaine is also in the movie. Their life has correctly shown in the film. 

The director of the movie “Ted Damme” passed away in 2017, who praised Mirtha for completely changing her life and taking responsibilities of her daughter as seen in his interview.

“Mirtha Jung has been clean for 20 years. She is brave for getting out of the lifestyle and protecting her daughter.”

The relationship of Mirtha Jung and George Jung has differently explained in George Jung’s autobiography “Grazing in the Grass Until the Snow Came,” The movie “Blow” and the book “Blow” (Bruce Porter, 2001).

Again, in 1994, George was imprisoned for 20 years in the case of smuggling 660 pounds of marijuana to Chicago. His daughter was only nine at that time. 

Mirtha Jung’s Body Measurement

Mirtha has a perfect height and body shape. Her hair color is Light Brown and has Brown color eyes.

Mirtha Jung Net Wroth

Though Mirtha and her ex-husband George Jung made over $100 million from smuggling, she is staying away from drugs following her divorce from her husband.

After that, there is not much information regarding her professional affairs. However, she has a low-key profile about her career. Hence, the exact figure of her net worth is still not sure.

Nevertheless, her daughter, Kristina is estimated to have the net worth of $150K.


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