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August 30, 2018
Mary Padian is a businesswoman, journalist, but mainly known as reality TV star for appearing on ‘Storage Wars’ franchise on A&E Networks. Mary was born on August 24, 1980, in Dallas, Texas.
Mary’s business name is “Mary Finds”concentrating on restoration, antiques, and furnishing.  While running her antique shop, she was found out by an A&E Television producer who offered her to appear in the Texas edition of ‘Storage Wars’. She gradually gained the popularity while working there for three seasons. Then later, cast in the original ‘Storage Wars’.

Childhood & Early Life

Mary Padian was born to John Gerard Padian and Teresa Ann Padian on August 24, 1980, in Dallas, Texas. Mary’s father owned a scrap metal recycling plant.  She grew up with her younger brother, Luke Padian. Mary Padian is a mixed descent, her father belongs to Irish descent and her mother is Lebanese. 

Mary’s parents officially divorced in 2009

She has a huge extended family with a total of 42 cousins. She is very close to the and has grown up together. During Mary senior year in high school, she began working as D Magazine’s intern. After completing high school, Mary moved to the University of Texas at Austin to pursue a graduate degree in photojournalism. In 2009 her parents officially divorced. 

Rise to Stardom

After graduating in 2003 she moved to New York City after getting a job at Architectural Digest as an assistant editor, followed by working in D magazine as an intern. While staying away from home, Mary used to buy unique home decoration and furnishing items at a minimum price and created “Mary’s Finds Video Blog” to showcase her unique collection by managing a section in Architectural Digest. Later, when her mentor Paige Rense retired in 2010 from Architectural Digest, she became homesick and retired then went back home, Texas.

Just within a year, she opened up her antique shop “Mary’s Finds” in Dallas. One of Mary’s antique products seller Moe Prigoff who used to buy products from auctions introduced her to storage unit auctions. She then appeared with Moe Prigoff in the first season of ‘Storage Wars who was already a part of the show. Later she worked there as the main cast member. After gaining attention and popularity she then appeared on the original ‘Storage Wars series in the season five. Since then she became a celebrity figure which has helped grow her business in the next level.

Personal Life 

Mary Padian keeps her personal life away from public and media. However, She was seen introducing a good looking guy beside her as her boyfriend in an episode of ‘Storage Wars’. She revealed his name “Dylan” in the show and shred the story about how they met.No more information has been found about her besides these.

Social Life

She is available on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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