Jamie Davis: Bio, Career, Wife, Kids, Net Worth, Etc

June 18, 2018
Jamie Davis

James Davis, the cast of a reality television show “Highway Thru Hell” and also the owner of “Jamie Davis Motor Truck & Auto Towing” who provide towing and trucking services in one of the most dangerous roads in Canada. Let’s know more about James net worth, age, family and his show.

Jamie Davis
Jamie Davis

Quick Bio

Birth Name: Jamie Davis
Date Of Birth: April 18, 1980
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Age: 38 Years Old
Height: 5’10
Net Worth: $ 3,000,000
Wife: Lucy Austin-Davis 
Kids: James Jr., Brianna, Alexis, and  Brandon Davi

Short Bio

Jamie Davis is professional rough road driver and owner of Jamie Davis Motor Truck & Auto Towing and co-founder of Canadian show Highway Through Hell. He was born on April 18, 1980, as of 2019, his age is 38.

He has a height of 5 feet 10 inches and his ethnicity is white. Jamie was born and raised in Hope, Houston; however, the details of his birth and parents have not been disclosed.


Jamie Davis And Jamie Davis Towing

Jamie Davis is the founder of world-renowned Canadian towing company- Jamie Davis Motor Truck & Auto Towing company. He started his operations in Canadian Highways and city roads.

They provide a variety of services to their customers like emergency recovery, towing, scene management and mitigation, traffic control, and transport of vehicles.

The primary objective of the company is to ensure public safety and rapid clearance of wreckage. Their services are primarily emergency-based service and run 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The company has several latest equipment and highly skilled staff in the team.

Highway Through Hell

Highway Through Hell is a famous Canadian reality TV show started in 2013 that airs the activities of a local based towing company.

The show presents the events of the company that takes place majorly in Coquihalla Highway along BC Interior.

Neil Thomas suggested the show after he met an operator of Jamie Davis Towing on Highway 5 when Neil’s car broke down; and requested Jamie’s towing service.

After sitting with owner Davis, executive producer Mark.A.Miller and cameraman Kevin Mills; Davis decided to film his activities and show to people to change people’s perception about his industry.

The show debuted on Discovery Channel (Canada) on Tuesday 4 September 2012 in Canada. The company’s central office is in Hope, British Columbia, Canada.

Jamie Davis started his services in Hope and later expanded his services to Surrey, Chilli-wack, and Alberta. The company recently closed its office in Alberta because of unsuccessful business dealings.

Lethal drop-offs, Steep hills, Killer Rockslides, and some of the worst weather in decades captured massive audiences interests; with Highway Through Hell ranking as the number 1 series premiere in Discovery Channel Canada’s history.

The second season of Highway Through Hell aired in many countries including the USA, UK, Germany, and many other European countries.

The show gained massive viewers and has finished its Season 6 airing in December 2017.

Jamie Davis Almost Got Broke During Expansion

Jamie Davis started the expansion of his company services at the end of season 2; as competition began to rise in Hope. He opened his office in Alberta and in the coming season opened offices in Surrey and Chilli-Wack.

During season 3 Jamie struggled with the flow of services reason being his senior drivers step into managerial roles in the absence of Jamie.

Jamies expansion of Alberta operations backfired in high fashion. The disastrous economy led to decreased revenues, severe downsizing and a struggle for survival. Then, later closed services to move to Hope.

Jamie sold one of his trucks during the opening of Season 6 as part of his media outlet duties and emergency need of cash. He had to sell it after a failed venture to Alberta’s oil mining areas.

Wife And Children

Jamie Davis is married to Lucy Austin-Davis. His wife is also called Sherry Davis. Sherry is also a business partner in Jamie Davis Motor Truck & Auto Towing. The couple is still together and has four beautiful children, James Jr., Brianna, Alexis, and  Brandon Davis.

She grew up in nearby Mission, BC, where she used to spend her time skiing on the local slopes. The family is tight-knit and stays together in Hope where the company does most of its work.

Net Worth

Jamie is a businessman and also gains income from Television dealings. His primary source of income is his trucking, and towing company and his secondary income source are through the show Highway Through Hell.

Jamie annually receives $300,000 from the show as personal income. His net worth has increased since the start of the show.

Jamie’s net worth as of 2019 is around $3,000,000.

The company also sells merch on its website and collects revenue through it.

Social Media

Jamie is active in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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    1. Just started watching the show last month, and I absolutely LOVE it! I give all of you guys all the credit in the world for what you do. Jamie, you are a phenomenal human being, very strong willed and willing to take risks and chances I have never seen in my whole life. I will continue to binge watch and look forward to new episodes in the near future. Go J. Davis and Crew!

      1. I love the show and I am watching it now and the new season will start in 45 minutes. These guys earn every cent of money they earn. Colin is awesome and really tries. I don’t see any ego with these guys. They are sincere hard workers. The man who was upside down for 2 days in his wrecked truck I wish he would have made it. This will be my 3rd Season. I also like Al and his crew including his two sons.

    2. I’ve watched the show on TWC off and on for many years. Now I’m binge watching on Netflix and I’m fascinated. My whole attitude about tow truck drivers has changed from thinking of them as vultures to saviors. I wish every person that drives anything would watch this show. Thank you

    3. I’ve been watching this show since I knew about it….I’ve got a friend into watching it now…I love this show tons…I watch it every time it’s on…I’d love to know how to get some shirts or something from this show..I’d also love to meet him and his crew

    4. I still think he should have kept Colin’s big Wrecker but you got to do what you got to do. MO is broke down on the episode that I am watching I know good backups trucks.

      1. Jamie, I think Mighty Mo has safety issues that has the operator on top of the deck to work the winches. The wrecker you showed up in, which was the last show helped upright a tractor trailer with 4 heavy pipes help upright the vehicle.
        The General and was a brand new unit owned by Mission Towing in 1980. You took it over for the son and his dad take it for one last drive. You said with a little work I it would be an awesome addition to your fleet and I think you are spot on.
        My Dad had a Holmes 600 and a Holmes 750 and they were great. We had a lot of memories because back then they the top of the line. Great show and all you guys be safe!!!

    5. I’m a fan of ice road truckers a well ( which is no longer on ) and highway thru hell is a awesome show. I DVR every show so I dont miss a episode. Keep up the good work Jamie Davis and crew. Hopefully seasons will keep coming

    6. I love your show and watch it with my husband all the time I tape all your shows so I don’t miss any Would love to know where Adam went he was a great part of the show I also would like to know where I can get a hat for my husband TKS for everything I have to give you all credit for the work you do.

    7. I wish everyone would watch this show. I have learned a lot about the trucks and how delicate some of them often are. I tell everyone I know about it because I have learned so much. Interstate 94 goes through my state, Michigan and especially during winter it is very dangerous because of speed on the snow. We don’t have the dangerous drops as the Coq. but the trucks have a lot of accidents because they won’t slow down. I wish especially new drivers would watch the show, they’d learn a lot. Math, logic, persistence, patience, kindness, etc. Thanks to you Jamie and your crew, for putting your life on the line to help people.

    8. I love this program and all of the tow truck drivers. They work hard and never complain. No ego stuff. They care. I like Jamie’s crew and Al’s crew including his sons. I am now watching the last show for this season and the new season starts in a half hour. So looking forward to it.

    9. I was an underground coal miner in west virginia (8 years) with 10 % black lung and 2 major accidents. 44 inches of coal seam hight. After watching this series, I would go back in the mines however I am too old. I love this show!!!!!!!!


      1. I am fascinated by this show and the incredible machines these geniuses operate.
        I wonder how much these wreckers such as Mo cost and what kind of fees are charged to the logging and trucking companies in order to pay for them.
        Sometimes I turn the tv off to lower my stress levels it is so intense. WOW!

    10. To Jammie Davis you need to get the trucks like the rotated back and other big tow trucks mission towing is taken you out of the show with there big trucks you need to rule the coke your big trucks was the show

    11. I live in a small town in Northern Nevada, McGill, Nevada. I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie Davis today while he was passing through. Very nice gentleman!

    12. Love the series…hard working and a asset to keeping people safe and interstate moving .. beautiful area and also dangerous.. beautiful family and fair boss to his employees. God bless

      Gi army veteran

    13. I have seen a couple of the shows. What caught my I was the GMC General. I was employed at General Motors Design in the early seventies, as a Design Sculptor and designed the General in clay!
      A group from Chevrolet Engineering headed by John Delorean came to inspect what we were presenting. One fella forgot that it wasn’t a real truck and stepped on the running board causing us to restore a lot of the huge clay! Our tolerance was three hundredth of an inch. We had it in red, just as presented on the show!
      Later I was part of a small select group that clayed up the Pontiac Trans-Am (Smoky and the Bandit)as well as the Knight Rider car for that TV Show and many other vehicles – Pickup, Suburban, Blazer, Medium Duty, Motor-Home, Titan 90, RTS Bus etc. From that experience, my son and I have been designing and placing monumental sculpture across America !

    14. I drove the coq from the states with interstate dist & celadon( the green trek in the rock wall episode looks like an ex-interstate trek). That hwy really#is# a beast!! Keep up the fight jamie.i love the vintage trks too! And then there’s al quiring…(cue the”jaws” music! (Lol)

    15. I drove the Coq from the states with Interstate Dist & Celadon (the green trk in the rock wall episode looks like an ex-interstate trk). That hwy really#is# a beast!! Keep up the fight jamie.i love the vintage trks too! And then there’s Al Quiring…(cue the”jaws” music! (Lol)

    16. Been watching the show on TWC for the last 6m-1year. I always wondered hope big rigg/wide-loads got up snowy highways. Good to still learn something new…even at over 50yrs. on this earth. Hope


    18. I started watching the show to see the heavy equipment in action. A friend of mine has been in the towing business for most of her life owning her own company. She runs smaller trucks, it has been great watching the boom and heavier trucks in action. Being a bookkeeper, it peaked my interest to see how the trucks pay for themselves along with keeping the shop and drivers afloat as well. Its all a struggle, a rewarding struggle. Thank you for sharing so much and showing people what an operation it is to get people running on the road again. Most people have no idea what it takes and I thought I had a clue, finding I didn’t until really watching your program.

    19. Have watched every episode. Started awesome. Many seasons later. My thoughts!
      Al Quiring should get another truck and hire Collin to his team. Between Al, Gord, and Collin, you could start your own Powerhouse towing show. Save Collin from the embarrassment of using Jamie’s old useless junk on TV. I feel his humiliation. Call the show Redneck Recovery, that mystic out there that people describe Tower’s.
      Final input. Just leave the kids at home, the show suffers.
      Happy Trucking, fellow BC’r.

    20. I have watched this show ft so long I can’t even remember, I’m a 77 year old lady and a retired school bus driver and trainer!!! Love driving big things, first love was training new drivers.. have had a few opportunities to drive semis just for fun my follow drivers said I was on cloud nine for days. Absolutely love this show, just wish the stupid truckers would slow down happy New year to the Jamie Davis family and crew!!!! Much res across the Detroit river from Windsor..

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