Mark Fischbach: Height, Net Worth, Age, Bio, Brother, Nude Video

September 13, 2018
Mark Fischbach

30 years old, Mark Fischbach is an American YouTuber, actor, and philanthropist. On his YouTube channel, Markiplier has more than 24 million subscribers and 12 billion views.

Mark Fischbach, Bio, Net Worth, Relationship
Mark Fischbach

Likewise, on Twitter, he has 11.6 million followers. He won Make-A-Wish Foundation Awards Ceremony for Celebrity of year in 2016 and Golden Joystick Awards for Best Steamer/Broadcaster in 2017.

Quick Facts about Mark Fischbach

Full Name Mark Edward Fischbach
Date of Birth June 28, 1989
Origin Cincinnati, Ohio
Nationality American
Residence Los Angeles
Occupation YouTube
Pseudonym Markiplier
Channel MarkiplierGAME

To know more about this incredible person, let’s get in!

Mark Fischbach: Early Life and Family

Mark Edward Fischbach was born on June 28, 1989, in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was born in Hawaii and grew up in Ohio. After his birth, his family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. His father worked in the military. He is an American and is of mixed ethnicity. He has an older brother, Thomas Jason  Fischbach who is an artist and author of the webcomic ‘Twokinds.’ His brother featured in some of his videos.

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Mark attended Milford High School. During his high school, he was a member of the marching band where he played the trumpet. After completing his high school, he went to study a biomedical engineer at the University of Cincinnati but dropped out of college to pursue his social media career.

Age and Body Measurement

As per Mark’s birthdate, he is 30 years old now. Moreover, his athletic body stands at the height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs around 79 kg.

Furthermore, Mark’s dark brown eyes add more stars to his personality.

Mark Fischbach’s Career as a YouTuber

The famous YouTube sensation, Mark Fischbach gained fame through his YouTube channel “Markiplier” which created on March 6, 2012. He uploaded contents like gaming videos, comedy sketches, animated parodies, and other entertainment videos. Mark posted his first video on 4 April 2012.

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Mark started with a playthrough of the video game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. After that, he posted many game series including Penumbra and Dead Space. At the time, YouTube banned his Adsense account and forced to create a new channel titled “MarkiplierGAMe” on March 26, 2012. Soon his channel subscribers grew from number to million, and in 2012 it peaked at number 61 on New Media Rockstars Top 100 Channels list.

In the same year, he moved to Los Angeles. He and fellow YouTuber Jenna Mae appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in September 2014. In 2015, his name included in the top twenty most influential celebrities for teenagers in the United States. By the October 2015, his channel boasted over 10 million followers and also collaborated with fellow YouTubers Daniel Kyre and Rayna Magee.

Why Mark Stopped Uploading Videos on Youtube?

At the end of 2015, he was suffered from a transient ischemic attack and was hospitalized. He informed his viewers that he has decided to abstain from alcohol because of a deficient enzyme essential to break down alcohol. He has undergone serious surgery. After that, he completely stopped uploading videos on his channel called ‘Drunk Minecraft.’

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In 2015, Mark co-hosted the South by Southwest Gaming Awards with an actor, Janel Varney and also featured in YouTube’s year-end special YouTube Rewind. In early 2016, he signed a deal with Maker Studios. He posted an interactive Choose Your Own Adventure style video titled ‘A Date With Maekiplier’ which got a positive response from the viewers. He has collaborated with famous YouTube stars like PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye and LordMinion777; and celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel and Jack Black.

Mark’s Acting Career in Film and TV Series

Besides this, he is an actor and has appeared in some movies and TV show. Fischbach starred in the comedy film ‘Smosh’ and other television and web series like Table Flip, Grimpcade and Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything.

Mark Fischbach is a Philanthropist

Mark has done many charitable live streams and has raised donations for many causes. He dyed his hair pink to blue to raise charity for many foundations in 2015. Similarly, he, in July 2012, donated $1,000 for Child’s Play and in February 2013, Mark raised $8.047 funds for the Cancer Research Institute. In March 2017, he raised $354,649 fund for Charity Water.

He has donated to several charities like Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Depression Bipolar Support Alliance, Game Changer, Joyful Heart Foundation and many more. Back in November 2017, he raised $422,773.81 for Save The Children before his European tour. As of April 2018, Fischbach raised the total amount of $1,506,793.81 for different causes.

Likewise, in February 2019, he raised $513,510.43 for My Friend’s Place charity organization.

Mark Fiscgbach’s Girlfriend, Amy Nelson

Mark Fischbach is romantically involved with Amy Nelson who is known as Peebles. She is a Graphic Designer by profession. Markiplier and Amy began dating each other in 2015 but made their relationship official in the mid-2016. The couple made their first appearance during 2016 VidCon.

Mark Fischbach and Amy Nelson, Bio, Net Worth
Mark Fischbach and Amy Nelson

In June 2016, Mark’s girlfriend, Amy tweeted a photo with a captioned, “Oh Jeez.” She wrote in a comment “what more do you want from us.” His girlfriend first appeared on Markiplier’s channel in the video titled ‘Don’t Laugh Challenge#5.’ They have done several videos together in over three years. Presently, Mark and Amy are residing together in Los Angeles and enjoying their love life.

Mark Fiscgbach’s Nude Video

Mark has announced that if his channel hit 20 million subscribers then he would release his nude videos. At the end of March 2018, he made his promise and uploaded a video titled “Markiplier’s Tasteful Nudes” where he released naked photos. The photo becomes successful in gaining the attention of the public. In the video, he thanked his fans for their support and continued watching his channel. After that, he released a $30 Calender for fans only for 48 hours.

What is the Net Worth of Mark Fischbach?

As of 2019, Mark’s estimated net worth is $24 million. He is one of the richest and highest paid YouTuber of the World. He posted different contents such as gaming and comedy sketches videos which helps to boost his net worth. Moreover, he earns an impressive amount of money form the web series and movie.

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He received monthly approximately $11 million. Back in 2018, he has a net worth of $16 million.

Besides his videos, he makes extra income from the book publisher Red Giant Entertainment which he joined in November 2014. In 2016, Mark announced that he would launch his own comic line of comics. In addition, Mark signed with Williams Morris Endeavor in 2016.

Social Media Profile

The social media personality, Mark Fischbach has millions of fans following on different social media such as:

Facebook: 3 million followers

Reddit: 54.5k subscribers

YouTube: 24 million subscribers

Twitter: 12.3 million followers

Instagram: 2.5k followers

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