Adrienne Bolling: Eric Bolling, Son, Age and Net Worth

July 02, 2018
Adrienne Bolling

American celebrity, Adrienne Bolling is the wife of Eric Bolling, a conservative political commentator and former television anchor with Fox News Channel.

Adrienne and Eric shared vows on 4th October 1997 and are still in a marital relationship which is going smoothly with no chance of divorce.

Some other details about Adrienne’s husband, son, her age and net worth are all listed below.

Adrienne Bolling, Wife of Eric Bolling

Adrienne and Eric met through a mutual friend Gretchen Carlson. They dated for a short period but skipped the phase of engagement and finally tied a knot.

Adrienne Bolling is a beautiful woman who is married to TV host and commodity broker, and financial commentator Eric Bolling on October 4, 1997. Like other celebrity wives, Adrienne also became notable in the eyes of media after her marriage with Eric Bolling.

The couple goes to church every day to light candles and also attend mass every Sunday.

As Eric Bolling rose as a media celebrity and a TV presenter, people enquired about his life, his lovely wife, and other family members; this is how celebrity wives and children become famous over the internet and social media.

Adrienne Bolling Marriage and Son

The year Adrienne and Eric got married, the same year Bolling gave birth to a son Eric Chase Bolling. All seemed to go very well until 2012 when Eric Jr. suffered an injury due to his temper while he was snowboarding in Albany.

His condition looked hopeless at first, however, several weeks later he survived.

The family returned to normal life again, until the bad news came up stating that Eric Snr. was involved in sexual harassment, which cost him his job with the Fox News.

In the same month, unfortunately, Eric Jr. who happened to live for only 19 years was found dead in his room on September 9, 2017.

Eric Snr. and Eric Jr.
Eric Snr. And Eric Jr.

Celebrating Adrienne Bolling’s Birthday

Adrienne Bolling met Eric through her best friend, Gretchen. Here’s an interesting fact, both Adrienne and Gretchen both married their respective husbands on the same day. Quite a story to tell their children and grandchildren.

Adrienne Bolling had one son with Eric, Eric Chase Bolling. Eric Chase was born in 1998.

Death of Adrienne Bolling Son, Eric Chase Bolling

On September 9, 2017, when Eric and Adrienne were out to dinner in New York, Eric got a call that shook his soul. Around 10:30 pm, when Adrienne and Eric were driving home, Eric Chase’s friend called to inform the Bolling family that their son had died.

Adrienne, who was in the driving seat stopped in the side and fell outside the car landing in the streets. The grief swallowed the happy couple, and they cried for an hour before coming to sense. The pain of losing the only child is unmeasurable to the parents.

Eric is the only children of the couple in their 20 years of marriage.

Eric’s Tweet After Knowing Death of his Son

The investigation on Eric Chase death was topic of suicide attempt too. Just before the day of Eric Chase’s death, Fox News fired Eric Bolling after finding explicit messages and images sent to fellow female colleagues.

The media and news agency reported that Eric Chase committed suicide because of the activity of his father. The news, however, was false as investigation stated no intent of personal harm.

An autopsy and postmortem on the body of Eric Chase confirmed that the cause of death was a drug overdose. The detailed report indicated that Eric Chase experienced an accidental overdose of a mixture of drugs taken during that period.

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Receiving such tragic news just after being fired from his job, Eric Bolling received condolences from a vast number of people.

Donald Trump personally called Eric to console and express his condolences to the Bolling Family. Adrienne and Eric have not decided on having other children and may look to adopt in the future.

Net Worth of Adrienne Bolling

Adrienne is married to a wealthy man. She doesn’t involve in the income generating activity and doesn’t have a net worth of her own.

However, Eric has a jaw-dropping net worth.

Eric Bolling’s net worth is $25 million.

They currently live in New York City.

Adrienne Bolling Age, Birthday and, Career

Adrienne Bolling birth name is Adrienne J. Leventhal in the United States. The is not much known about Adrienne childhood, birthplace and parents.

However, Adrienne birth year has not been out yet, but in a post in Eric’s Twitter shows the couple celebrating Adrienne birthday on June 10.

Looking at her, we can assume that, she might be in her late 40s or 50s.

Adrienne doesn’t use social media, and her career details are unavailable. We do not know what her profession is; we assume she is a housewife. She is very supportive of her husband and involves in social activities in the community.

Adrienne Bolling’s Social and Religious Activities

The couple served Thanksgiving dinner to the needy at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission Center; they take time from their busy schedule to visit the local church and pray.

They often attend St. Patrick’ Cathedral to light candles and offer prayer.

Adrienne also manages some of the tasks in a charity event organized by her husband, Eric Bolling.

Adrienne Bolling’s Body Measurement

She has got a good personality, possesses a dark brown hair color and a dark brown color eye.

She has a slim body type, however, no details on her body measurement, height, and weight

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