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April 24, 2020
Hidori Rose

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For those who love beauty, are passionate about Cosplay, obsessed with Japanese pop culture, video gaming, and anime, Hidori Rose might as well be a goddess.  

Mature audiences equally adore her signature erotic modeling and gravure (a Japanese style of “less explicit” pornography) photography. Her social media accounts are brimming with thousands of followers, especially for her erotic photos and videos.  

Hidori means “a fixed date” in Japanese, and she sure fixed her place in not only in full Cosplay but most especially in adult content creation. 


Full Name Hidori Rose 
Age 27
Ethnicity Caucasian
Date of Birth  06 Mar 1993 
Place of Birth United States
Lives in*  Unknown 
Height 5’2   (159 cm)
Weight 100 lbs
Language English
Profession Cosplayer, boudoir model, Adult content creator
Family  Mother and sister
Spouse Single 
Hair color  Brunette (to be validated, as she wears an assortment of wigs)
Eye color  Brown
Breast size 34C
Are they fake? No
Sexual Orientation  Bi- curious
Turn offs Rude people
Tattoos and piercings None
Net worth $1 Million – $5 Million [Source: Forbes, Wikipedia & IMDB]
Associated acts
Favorite Cosplay characters played
  • Tsunade, Chun- Li, Tarsha
  • Doujinshi and Hentai
All-time Favorite Anime
  • Inuyasha 
Zodiac sign
  • Pisces
Chinese Animal  Sign  Rooster
Social media channels https://www.patreon.com/HidoriRose

1,647 Patrons (monthly subscribers of $1, $15, $ 20) 


65.3K members 


MV Score 26569. Achievements: Top Earner, Contest winner, Video Awards


464.9K followers  535 following 


517 posts  673K followers  269 following 


11 posts 18.1K followers 14 following  


7.9K Watchers  254.9K Page Views 471 Deviations

Comments from hobbyists, artists, photographers.


Ranked 6267 Likes 3656  Photos 182  Following 2


6.85K subscribers 

To be verified https://www.facebook.com/Hidori-Rose-585891551762591/?ref=page_internal

Followers 951 Likes 887


Porn star rank: 764. 16.1M video views. 101K subscribers

3M profile views. Joined in 2018

Trivia  While calling herself a “sex worker”, Hidori Rose has limited her activities online and claims to not have done in-person sexual endeavors.

She does not join Cosplay contests because she does not make her own costumes. 

She does not like big crowds and is uncomfortable being in the center of attention. 

*She often cites her location as “Hentai Land”, but her Worldcosplay profile states United Kingdom as her residence. 

Personal life 

Hidori Rose keeps a tight lid on her personal life and very little is known about it, except for the details she chooses to discuss in public, mainly on Youtube. 

She claims to have a mother and a sister who are both supportive of her career. In fact, Hidori’s sister is following her footsteps as an adult content creator. Having a father is one of Hidori’s fervent wishes, hinting that her father left the family early on.    

While listing her birthplace as the United States, it is unknown where she grew up or where she currently resides. In the Youtube video she posted, Hidori apologized for not being fluent in English and claims she was more used to writing than speaking the language. (Her accent sounds European). 

Hidori Rose has two Youtube videos, the first one being an interview about her work and the second one a discussion on her weight loss journey. These videos show her followers and fans a sneak peek of her personal life. 

Uploaded on 05 December 2018, the first video shows Hidori Rose donning a “Purple Rose” costume- tightly fit black patent leather suit with purple stockings and wig. On the background reading questions from her fans was “Virtual Geisha”. 

From the said video, Hidori acknowledged having started her career as a cam girl– a slang for a person performing sexual acts online and being paid for it, at the age of 18. It was more out of curiosity than necessity, and she was not pressured to do it. 

During the same period, her interest in gaming and anime was slowly building up, but she saw Cosplaying as an expensive hobby. 

Around 2016, after making extra money, she started buying costumes and dabbled in Cosplaying.

She cites Inuyasha as her all-time favorite anime, where she used to spend too much time drawing the characters, fantasizing about the story and imagining new plots. 

She also loved older animes namely Slayers, Yuhakuzo, Madoka MagicaAttack on Titan, EvangelionCowboy BeBop.

And here is one of the many contrasts in Hidori’s life; while she chooses her Cosplay characters based on their cuteness and visual pull, her all-time favorite manga is the dark-themed Berserk.

Work Philosophy 

Like most artists, she doesn’t work best with structures and schedules, and claims she thrives more on “chaos”. As her personality is prone to have sudden outbursts of energy, she is not into planning and immediately starts working or creating content when she is in the mood.  

A workaholic, she takes one-week breaks from content creation but manages to update her social media fans about her status. To help her relax, she plays simulation rather than competitive video games.  

Weight loss

The second YouTube video uploaded on 20 February 2020 addresses issues surrounding Hidori’s weight loss, passion, and happiness, as well as her family. The 17-minute video shows her clad in blue metallic halter swimsuit and long, blonde pigtailed wig. 

Weighing 145 lbs. at her heaviest, she said she was happy to post Cosplay photos but claimed she was not fulfilled. She felt lethargic and less flexible in her photoshoots. The need to lose weight was compounded by the fact that, as a Cosplayer, she needed to be as close as the character she was portraying and Japanese manga and anime characters are rarely heavy-set. 

To do this requires a lifestyle change, and Hidori started by limiting her food intake and increasing her physical activities. She did not have major issues with this as eating meat makes her sick—a condition she had since childhood. 

However, here’s another contrasting fact about Hidori Rose: she loves eating salad but is allergic to fresh produce. To overcome this, she lightly cooks the fruits and vegetables first before tossing them in the bowl. Shunning weight training, Hidori prefers cardio exercises like hiking, walking, and dancing.   

Hidori claims to have found true happiness in Cosplaying and producing erotic content more than wishing for material possessions. She plans to continue with her passion until she gets old, saying she might give up Cosplaying but will likely continue producing adult content.  

Relationship status

In an interview in 2018, Hidori admitted to having a 9-year relationship with her boyfriend, whom she described as her high school lover. She claims that her boyfriend is very supportive of her career and even acts as her photographer and critic. Trust issues and jealousy have no place in their relationship, according to Hidori.    

Her Pornhub relationship status reflects this, stating that she is “taken” and some sites do mention of her having a relationship with an unknown person “in the past”. It is unclear whether she has broken up with her long term boyfriend. 

Hidori Rose listed her sexual orientation as “bi-curious”, which means a person interested in experimenting with bisexuality, per Meriam Webster.

She has never been engaged, married, and doesn’t have children.

Social Media accounts 

Hidori is focused on creating erotic content, as proof of her portfolio in adult sites that are being updated weekly. 

In one of her profiles, she mentioned her career to have been active since 2012, right about the time she started as a “cam girl”. Her social media history states she joined Manyvids in November 2014, posted her first Instagram photo in April 2016, and joined DevianArt and Youtube in 2018. 

Before seeing her Twitter profile, one would be warned of potentially sensitive images and languages.  

Created in Aug 2017, her Reddit account is restricted to only those above 18 years old and while it contains sexual images, it also comes with a notice that detailed sexual comments are not allowed. Aside from fan art, she also features fellow erotic Cosplayers in her posts. 

In all of her social media accounts, Hidori posts teasers to her other more provocative pay per view images and videos on Patreon, a paid membership platform for artists and creators. 

Hidori Rose’s portfolio on Patreon is described as (erotic) cosplay and gravure photography. She mostly uploads paid content featuring Japanese pop culture and animation, as well as characters from a few Western video games. In 2020 January, Hidori’s goal of 1,350 subscribers was achieved, and she gave away her full HD “Cozy casual sweater set” of nude photos and videos as a reward. 

She claims the contents in the site are not available anywhere else, hence, a total of 1,647 patrons are currently subscribed to her, paying monthly fees of $1, $15, and $20. 

She has not reached the same status in her Worldcosplay account but nevertheless boasts of followers from around the world. 

Cute and lewd 

Contents created by Hidori Rose might not be suitable for work, but she takes pride in what she does and considers her profession as art. Many people still have hang-ups about sexual topics, she says, because they still attribute moral and emotional factors to it, and judge people like her.  

She doesn’t care, though, as long as she’s cute and lewd, she’s determined to create content for all of her fans’ viewing pleasure.

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