Why Andrea Bock still not married with Ty Pennington? – Age & Wedding

Some people are meant to fall in love together but not expected to stay together. This quotation applies in Andrea Bock and her boyfriend, Ty Pennington’s relation. They are the proper example of “being with each other in a relationship, doesn’t need to be defined further with any other relationship status.”

They have crossed over 20 years of relation, and still, now there is no sign of getting married.

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Who is Andrea Bock?

Andrea Bock was born at the late of the 60s in the United States of America. She is an educated woman who attended her local school, with a Bachelor degree and has a vast experience in the business. Later, managed to work as a manager in the media world. She wanted to work in Hollywood from her early age.

Andrea Bock and Ty Pennington
Andrea Bock and Ty Pennington

Maybe, people think she came to Pennington looking at his money and fame. However, most of them don’t know that she was his manager long before they were in a relationship. Since then she got the fame.

Why Are They Not Married?

The couple revealed in 2008 that they were in a relationship for 11 years. And it is evident for people to think that they will get married. The couple has expressed their feeling on marriage several times,

In the year 2008, Ty Pennington stated, “Not married, but we’re still together. We’re definitely a team.”

Not just Ty Pennington, but Andrea also hold the same thought on marriage,

“We don’t need to get married. We’re having such a good time now.”

And they are true! If two individuals are genuinely in love with each other, not getting married is not an issue, but, marrying somebody whom you don’t love surely is. Isn’t it?

There are a lot of reports that Andrea has always been there to support Ty Pennington ever since his early days. All we can see is the successful and famous Ty Pennington on screen but behind that Andrea has been his never-ending motivation.

The couple is rarely seen together on screen, but they have been caught being side by side and holding hands.

Who Is Ty Pennington?

Ty Pennington was born in the year 1964 on 19th of October, and this makes his age of 54. Ty Pennington went to a school called Sprayberry High School for his early education, and later he went to Kennesaw State University.

While in college, he took carpentry work to pay for his college fees.

Ty Pennington

He was building sets for movies. Then his career in different lines began being an actor, host, head designer, and author.

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Andrea Bock’s Early Life, Education, and Family

Andrea bock was born in North America. There is quite a little information about her early childhood, school time and family.

Professional Life of Andrea Bock

Andrea lives a low-key life but sometimes appears on public and charity events along with her boyfriend. She met her future boyfriend a long time ago.

 Salary and Net Worth of Andrea Bock

As of  2016, she had a net worth of 10 million dollars

We do not have the exact amount of her net worth as of 2018. However, we believe that her net worth has increased by now. Whereas, Ty Pennington has $12 million.

Rumors and Controversy

Unlike other celebrities, Andrea Bock and Ty Pennington have never been a part of any controversies such as having an affair or anything like that. Despite their strong position about marriage there still were few rumors, that the couple wants to tie their married knots.

Afterward, in their relationships, there were a few bad moments. In the news was a rumor that Ty was cheating her with another woman, which was a stripper. Although, all of such talks are just rumors.

Andrea Bock’s Body Feature

Andrea Bock has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Social Media Profile of Andrea Bock

Andrea Bock is not available on social media platforms, and, does not prefer for online presence, not even on major social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, especially for celebrities to keep being connected with their fans. 

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