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Today we are here to talk about a man who is an outstanding personality and a lauded hero for his contribution to football. Some people may recall as legends in this game, and then there’s, Rick Neuheisel who is correspondent with college football.

Rick Neuheisel is an American football analyst, coach/trainer, a former player, and an attorney from the United States. He is keenly remembered for both his career as a player and coach.

Here, we will explore concerning details on Mike Tomlin about his married life as well as his net worth in 2019 and his career, read the following article.

Quick Facts about Rick Neuheisel

Full name Richard Gerald Neuheisel, Jr
Age 57 years old.
Date of Birth February 7th, 1961
Place of Birth Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Profession Football analyst, the former player, and coach
Net worth Undisclosed
Wife Susan Née Wilkinson
Kids 3
Parents Richard Gerald Neuheisel and Jane Jackson

Short Description

Richard Gerald “Rick” Neuheisel, Jr. is a football analyst for TV, former football coach, and player, an attorney for his primary occupation.

Rick Neuheisel is favorite celebrity, better known as football trainer and is also member of the well – known football coach.

From 1995 to 1998, he was also the head college football coach for Colorado who later trained UCLA between 2008 and 2011. He played quarterback for two NFL groups in 1987: the San Diego Chargers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rick led the team to a Pac-10 title and a Rose Bowl triumph over Purdue during his coaching of the Washington Huskies in 2000.

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Early Life & Education

Neuheisel was born in Madison, Wisconsin, on February 7, 1961. He is one of four children in his family. The name of his parents is Dick Neuheisel and Jane (Jackson) Neuheisel, with three sisters; Nancy, Katie, and Deborah.

He graced in three sports (football, basketball, baseball) and during his senior year, he was prominent outstanding athlete in his high school. 

Neuheisel was named a Pac-10 All-Academic Team and finished his BA degree in Political Science with a 3.4 GPA from UCLA in May 1984. However, in the 1983 season, he still has the UCLA one-season record for completion 2,245 yards by 185 (69.3%) out of 267 passes. Furthermore, he was a student member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity.


Neuheisel had both the professional career as a football player and as a coach. The former player got a call to UCLA for his achievements at high school. His team led to Rose Bowl’s 84 victory over Illinois, which is one of the highlights of Rick’s football college career.

During the draft, when he turned pro, the former player was not even picked and instead signed for the San Antonio Gunslinger. Rick had relatively little time, however, and it only lasted five weeks. After that, Neuheisel signed up as a standby player for the San Diego Chargers. Were you aware that during his playing, the former player began coaching?

While his time in the UCLA, Rick Neuheisel was additionally working as an assistant coach. The first time Neuheisel served as a head coach came to Colorado in 1994, where he remained for four years. Rick found his way to Washington during the peak of his career in 1999. The former player led his team to the glory of the Rose Bowl and was the first MVP to be a victorious team coach.
In 2003, when Rick was lulled into a game scandal, his career turned for the worse. He returned to coach his former college, UCLA, after hovering around for some years before finally moving on to journalism.

In addition to his coaching career, he contributed significantly to the broadcasting entertainment industry. As the guest analyst for their show “Inside College football,” Neuheisel joined CBS Sports Network in December 2011. Rick had been given a permanent job on the CBS network by 2015 as a university football analyst.

Net Worth

The current net value of Rick Neuheisel is undisclosed and under review in different credible sources. But the recent reports in 2018 indicate that the coach’s annual income amounted to $1,285,000.

The former player’s coaching career has been quite successful therefore his net value has risen tremendously over the years. From his time as a football coach, Neuheisel has earned most of his net worth through his hardship and struggle.
The former trainer is currently a sports analyst where he earns his income. The television personalities are also well known for their highest salaries.
A number of properties are owned by Neuheisel. The former coach bought a Cape Cod-inspired mansion at Bel-air. in 2008., which was 6000 sq. Ft. The former trainer leads a relatively private life and avoids the media glam light. There are no reports of the cars that he drives regularly.

Married Life Of Rick Neuheisel

Rick Neuheisel is a married man, the name of his wife is Susan Née Wilkinson. They both have a degree from Los Angeles Loyola High School. 

The couple now has three sons: Jerry (born April 1992), Jack (born August 1994), and Joe (born January 1997). 

Jerry is a UCLA quarterback, and Jack is a wide receiver at Southern Methodist University. Until now, there are no issues regarding their relationship as the couple has been living happily.

Social Media Profile

Rick Neuheisel is active over social media. He has a considerable number of followers more than 19k followers on his Twitter account.

Apart from Twitter, he doesn’t have other official social sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

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