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Born with a very extraordinary name, Andy Brandy Casagrande, Andy grew to be a very extraordinary person too. His passion for sharks drove him into the road of adventure and applause. Today, he is one of the world’s most influential wildlife cinematographers with two Emmy in his belt.

Andy travels the world to shoot footage of wildlife for some of the world’s top television networks like BBC and Animal World. What would have happened if Andy hasn’t followed his passion? – It is hard to tell, but be certainly wouldn’t have the name and fame of today. Andy’s life teaches us to be daring and fearless and also, always follow your heart.

Before diving into Andy’s life, let us know him briefly through this quick summary.

Fullname: Andy Brandy Casagrande
Age: 42 years as of 2019
Birth Date: October 21, 1977
Birth sign: Libra
Birth Place: New York City
Parents: Not Known
Kids: Two
Education: California State University
Profession: Cinematographer/Producer
Net Worth: $4 Million
Ethnicity: White
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Emma Walfridsson
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

Wiki Bio of Andy Casagrande

You might burst into a small laugh after hearing Andy Casagrande’s full name – Andy Brandy Casagrande IV, irresistible, yes?

Andy is a New York boy, born in New York City on October 21, 1977. Informations on his early life and education in New York is yet to be known. However, sharks were always a matter of interest to him since he was a small boy.

Educational Journey of Andy Casagrande

Our daring TV star went to Florida Institute of Technology to earn a degree in marine biology. But, after joining the university, he came with a realization that this path won’t lead to his passion and he decided to transfer to Pittsburgh University. Andy studied biology in his new transferred university. But, Andy was never going to stop with this.

Andy Casagrande further supplemented his degree with two more, in psychology and biopsychology from California State University. But life always comes with surprises, and unexpected turns and the same happened with Andy too. The first job by Andy had nothing to do with wildlife and was that of tech support engineer.

Career start of Andy Casagrande

Although Andy was in a software company straight out of college, he still yearned of working with sharks. He was so into them that, in his spare time he penned a song about great whites that featured footage of him swimming outside a shark cage in Mexico’s Guadalupe. He played guitar while whites swam peacefully by in the background.

By that time, Andy had had enough, so he decided to take a shot. Finally, he sent a video of three great-white research teams, one in California, one in Australia and one in South Africa asking for a job. As there is a very popular saying – God helps those who help themselves, Andy go a reply from South African research team offering him a three-month stint as an underwater still photographer for their project.

Then in 2003, Andy moved to Cape Town for his newly offered job. The job was actually for three months but, with Andy’s amazing passion in it, it lasted for two whole years.

Andy’s wasn’t over with his passion for sharks, so subsequently, he bought one hell of a video camera and started filming shark behavior. As he went more in-depth in this field, he soon realized that to get the best footage he would need to dive safely outside the cage.

With the hard work, Andy Casagrande mastered the skill by the time a team from National Geographic came to visit. Andy’s hard work finally paid him when the team got so impressed by the extraordinary footage captured by him and offered him a staff position based in Washington, D.C.

From that time, Andy has traveled the world, filming in some of the most exotic and awe-inspiring locations. His life makes us envy it and give goosebumps at the same movement. Andy has shot alligators in Everglades, penguins in the Falklands, polar bears in the Canadian Arctic and numerous daredevil activities which are way too thrilling.

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Just wrapped up a super “cool” week of radical diving & filming in the spectacular fjords of Norway! We encountered dozens upon dozens of Orcas & Humpback Whales all in hot pursuit of tasty Norwegian herring! It was some of the most exhilarating & challenging diving, filming & drinking @Emma_Casagrande & I have ever done & we loved every second of it! Special Thanks to @Shark_Explorers = @MorneHardenberg @BrocqMaxey + Norwegian Vikings = @ArcticExplorer.No for making it all happen! And high-fives 🙌 to all the crazy new friends we met on this rad adventure that kept us just above hypothermic, slightly intoxicated and always laughing & happy on this unique expedition to the Arctic Circle! 🇳🇴🥶🎥🐋💥 #abc4explore #Orcas #Humpbacks #SharkExplorers #ArcticExplorers #Norway

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Andy Casagrande Awards

At just the age of 42, the achievements of Andy is awe-inspiring. There are over 100 wildlife film credits under his pocket. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC, and Animal Planet.

Andy posing with his Emmy
Andy posing with his Emmy

The list of awards received by Andy Casagrande is very long. His work has been honored and awarded by many.

He is also the two-time winner of Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography in 2011 and 2013.

Andy Casagrande Wife: Emma Walfridsson

The fearless cinematographer, Andy Casagrande is married to a lovely lady of his dream, Emma Walfridsson. The duo met when Andy was out in his adventure. It seems like Andy’s line of work not only brought him recognition but love as well.

Emma was in Tanzania, East Africa in Serengeti, which is famous for Wild Beast migration when she met Andy. If you guys are wondering, then it was 2007 when this happened. Both have a deeply rooted passion for wildlife, so it didn’t took for the couple to feel a zing for each other.

Andy with his wife, Emma
Andy with his wife, Emma

The couple dated for three long years and finally in 2010, Emma walked down the aisle and both shared a vow to love each other and became husband and wife.

Andy and Emma are what you call a made for each other. Emma loves her husband’s work and sometimes even dives with her husband to document the dangerous predators. Born and raised in Sweden, Emma is a photographer, safety-driver and an editor.

Andy Casagrande Children

Andy is a father to two beautiful kids – Nova Fin and Ace.

Andy Casagrande Net Worth 2019

Andy Casagrande has always kept informations about his professional as well as private life in a wrap and so far things haven’t leaked. Like much of the details, Andy’s salary is unknown, but it can be easily guessed he earns thousands of dollar per episode. He claims cheque for big networks like BBC and Animal Planet where his documentaries air. In 2015, Discovery Chanel made a profit over $6 million form the show Shark Week, where Andy played an important role. It is very obvious that Andy received some part of that big profit.

As of 2019, Andy Casagrande’s net worth is estimated to be over $4 million.

Andy owns most of his fortune to his work as a cinematographer. Along with his wife Emma, Andy also owns a production house ABC4Films, which specializes in award-winning documentaries, TV commercials, and feature films.

Andy Casagrande, with his wife, Emma is ambassadors for shark conservation organization Shark Angels. Shark Week, Planet Ocean, Killer Shots, Sharkwater Extinction are some of the shows of Andy.

Andy Casagrande Social Media

If you are still not convinced of Andy’s love for sharks, then his Instagram will put the faith on you. There are pictures of sharks all over, and the same goes for his Twitter too.



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